Statuary in a garden, if correctly used, will enhance foliage simply by contrasting with it. Bits of statue and other stone stone peeping out of lush, exotic foliage are evocative of far-away lands and romantic legends; feeling of nostalgia soon begin to take over. Plants visible in the photograph include the following: Acer palmatum, Phormium 'Bronze Baby', Fatsia japonica, Melianthus major, Ceanothus impressus, Aralia elata, Cyperus alternifolius, Phormium 'Tricolor' and the triennial Echium pininana. Whilst the overall effect of this scene is remakably exotic the facts speak for themselves: that beyond some losses of top growth on the melianthus not one of the perennials has been damaged over the past twelve winters.
© Maciej Pomian-Srzednicki, 2009

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