Most eucalyptus trees have attractive bark. Eucalyptus niphophila pauciflora, the Snow Gum, has a particularly eye-catching trunk - 'like a python's skin', according to The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs. The bark, as in all eucalypts, peals away sporadically and in so doing reveals a striking pattern of colours. The Snow Gum has other virtues. It is one of the hardiest of the eucalypts, it has attractive leathery grey-green foliage with maroon-coloured ends to young branches, it is relatively free-flowering, and has a moderate growth rate. If you require an evergreen, this is certainly a tree to be recommended.© Maciej Pomian-Srzednicki, 2009
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Decorative bark - Eucalyptus niphophila pauciflora

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