The tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica in midwinter. The foliage is usually totally untouched by winter temperatures here at Southern Comfort. Often, it is the wind that does more damage than the cold. It is one of the hardiest of tree ferns and will a few degrees of night frost with no damage. In January 2009 when the exceptionally low temperatures briefly fell to about -5°C slight browning was apparent on the tips of some of the fronds - otherwise the plant was untouched. Under optimal conditions - adequate shelter and ample moisture - D. antarctica will develop fronds up to 2 metres in length and, over time, a 15 metre trunk. Occasional misting or hose down of the fronds and a soaking of the trunk is beneficial in dry, hot weather. I have not found this tree fern to be affected by a soil pH slightly on the alkaline side of neutral.
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Dicksonia antarctica in midwinter

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