This exotic-looking charming blue flower belongs to the variegated form of the Greater Periwinkle, Vinca major. I have found this to be a plant which complements and harmonises exceptionally well with the exotic style of gardening. It is, of course, a tough hardy mini-shrub well-known even in vicious climates. It has quite beautiful flowers and has on many occasions been mistaken by quite capable gardeners for some sort of exotic gem. This is perhaps not surprising because, although few people are aware of it, Periwinkle belongs to the family Apocynaceae which also contains such tender exotics as Mandevilla, Catharanthus and Allamanda - to name but three. As with the Lesser Periwinkle, the variegated forms are less invasive than the type which, in any case, lacks the charm of the former. In the garden I let it get on with its own business wherever it sees fit and restrain it only very occasionally.
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Vinca major 'Variegata'

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