This superb red Hippeastrum (exact co-ordinates unknown) was recommended as 'possibly hardy' by Ray Hubbard of Hill House Nurseries. I can only say that Ray was 'possibly right'. This plant not only survived, outside in the ground and unprotected, the -5°C temperatures we had (albeit briefly) in January 2009 but appeared to have been totally unaffected by them as the photograph, taken in June 2009, shows. Moreover, it flowered continuously throughout June and July 2009 and seems exceptionally vigorous. I am totally enchanted by this plant. As a bonus, it produces copious quantities of viable seed. We have raised many new plants and they are to be true to type. Over later years I have noticed that this Hippeastrum has a slight tendency to rot with the result that clumps sometimes diminish over the wet winter season.
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Red Hippeastrum

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