A very reptilian Agave salmiana angustifolia 'Variegata' growing on the 45º slab slope on the rear terraces. It almost looks as though it ought to be constantly writhing and slithering around the garden. As a result of nearly ideal growing conditions (in UK terms, at least) this agave has grown impressively for ten years from stolon size. Originally I had identified this splendid agave as A. americana 'Variegata' (wavy-leaved form); this, I was told, is a common error with this plant which has a rather individualistic growth habit. The species form of A. salmiana, however, is quite a different-looking plant with a somewhat different growth habit which leads me to think that there is still a chance that this plant is a variant of A. americana. This agave, while fully hardy over our winters here, tends to look the worst for wear during the early spring. This necessitates the removal of the bedgraggled leaves with a sharp kitchen knife. Fresh ones grow back quickly and the plant is back to its healthy-looking state after a couple of months.
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Agave (variegated)

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